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  • Does your camp have an age restriction?
    We accept campers ages 8 years old to 18 years old. Your son must be 8 years old on the first day of camp. If your son is 18 years old, he must be classified as a high school student. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any student who has graduated high school.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes. Parents have the option of paying the full balance or securing their child's spot with a $150 non-refundable deposit. All payments must be resolved before camp begins.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    Due to NCAA restrictions and regulations, we unfortunately do not offer scholarships.
  • Which forms must be completed in order for my child to attend camp?
    No camper will be permitted to participate in Patrick Ewing Basketball Camps without all three of the following forms on file: 1) Completed Registration Form AND resolved balance (complete online) 2) Copy of Current Physical (bring to registration) 3) Assumption of Risk Waiver (complete online)
  • How can my child leave camp with another parent or friend?
    Please send an email to before the end of each camp day.
  • Can my son request a roommate?
    Campers are allowed to request up to two roommates on the registration form. However, roommates request are strongly considered, but not guaranteed.
  • What is the camp store?
    The camp store allows campers to purchase various snacks without the hassle of carrying cash. We recommend starting with a balance of $20 and adding money throughout camp. Remaining camp balances are non-refundable, so please encourage your son to spend all of the deposited funds.
  • Where do campers sleep?
    Campers will sleep in the Georgetown University residence halls, which permits two campers per room.
  • Is there a deposit for room keys?
    A $75 refundable deposit (cash or check only) is required to retrieve your camper's room key.
  • Should campers pack meals? Where are meals held?
    Campers will eat all meals in the Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall. If your child has food allergies, please send us an email and indicate your child’s allergy on the health form.
  • If my son gets homesick, is he able to leave camp?"
    It is completely normal for someone to feel this way especially if it’s their first time away at camp. Counselors can help in this situation, and we encourage campers to complete the week. There are no refunds for campers who leave camp early due to homesickness.
  • Am I able to request my son be placed on the same team as a friend?
    No. Campers are placed on a team according to age and skill. Team balancing takes place after the first day of camp.
  • Will there be medical staff on site? What if my child takes daily medicine?
    Yes. Our head athletic trainer and his summer staff will be on-call to ensure camper safety. Our athletics trainer can help with dispensing prescription and OTC medications IF the parent/guardian agreed to the consent to dispense option on the registration form. To dispense prescription medications, the medication must be given to the camp athletics trainer at check-in in the original bottle distributed by the pharmacist with your child’s name, dosage directions, dosage amounts and times, and parent contact information.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Before June 1st: Total Amount - $150 (Adminstrative fee) = Refund After June 1st: No Refund.
  • Where are Patrick Ewing Camps held?
    Thompson Athletic Center and McDonough Memorial Gymnasium. Address: 37th and O Street NW Washington, DC 20057 The easiest way to access the Thompson Center and McDonough Gym is through Canal Road entrance.
  • What time does camp begin and end each day?
    9 am until 8 pm. Commuter campers can be dropped off beginning at 8 am and must be picked up by 8 pm. On the last day of each session, there will be an award ceremony at 11:30 am and camp will conclude at 12 pm, immediately after the award ceremony.
  • Will there be an awards ceremony?
    Yes. At the end of each session, an award ceremony will be held at 11:30 am in McDonough Memorial Gym. Campers must be picked-up by 12 pm.
  • Who will supervise campers in the dorms?
    Georgetown Basketball staff and camp counselors will reside and be dispersed throughout camp dorms.
  • What should my son bring to Overnight camp?
    Basketball Sneakers 6-8 Shirts 6-8 Shorts 6-8 Underwear/Tights 6-8 Socks Blankets Towels Alarm Clocks Twin XL sheets/pillow cases Pillows Toothbrush Toothpaste Soap Deodorant Shampoo Lotion Shower Shoes
  • Do you provide shuttle service?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide a shuttle service to airports, train stations, or metro stations. All travel arrangements should be pre-arranged prior to arrival.
  • Can I watch my child during camp?
    Due to the lack of seating accommodations, parents are only allowed to watch their child play in McDonough Arena.
  • Can my son switch to a different camp session?
    Please email if changes are necessary. Please include your son's name and current session in the subject line. A change fee will be assessed upon request approval.
  • What is your dismissal policy?
    Camp Directors reserve the right to send home, at the parents' expense, campers whose behavior is disruptive and deemed a distraction with no refund. All campers must follow Patrick Ewing Basketball Camp rules.
  • What is your tax-ID number?
  • Can my child bring their cellphone or other electronic devices?
    Campers are permitted to bring cellphones and other electronic devices, however, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We recommend all electronic devices be stored in the room (Overnight campers) or kept in backpacks labeled with their names.
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